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About Us

Dogs are the perfect companions. They are incredibly intuitive beings. Dogs get it. They understand humans. Ready for action when you are. Happy to sit by your side when you need to be still.
Dogs give us the best greetings when we walk through the door. They are filled with love and compassion. 


GoodDoGgie - The Soul of Scituate

The GoodDoGgie brand was inspired and created during the pandemic when my family, along with over 23 million American households added a dog to their lives. We were fortunate enough to be blessed with Ollie, an adorable cockapoo puppy who was truly instrumental to our health - both mental and physical, during this challenging time. Ollie provided companionship, something we severely lacked during this global crisis. Through his constant affection he reduced our feelings of isolation and loneliness. He fulfilled our basic human need - touch. The sense of comfort and wholeness Ollie added to our daily life was incomparable. The fact is, dogs give us hope and purpose and unconditional love each and every day. Simply put, dogs make us better  humans. 

Meet Ollie

Daily Paws

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